Thursday, May 31, 2012

Escort Card Displays

Wondering how to display your escort cards? There are so many options! You can narrow things down quite a bit if you first consider a few things. Your wedding style (rustic, modern, vintage, etc.),whether you'll be inside or outdoors (if outdoors I highly recommend having cards secured in some way so they won't blow away), the space available for your display. I absolutely LOVE the display shown below found on Wedding by Color. If you're going to splurge anywhere, and I definitely think you should have one splurge, please splurge here! Having a large focal point such as this makes a wonderful introduction to your reception and will definitely wow your guests!
I have seen escort card trees similar to the one above, with the cards hanging from the ribbons, which is also beautiful! However the practical side of me thinks it would be difficult for guests to try and find their name in all the confusion. I love the cards sitting on the table under the tree, then you still have your beautiful display even after the cards have been taken.
This creative couple have a passion for skiing and every detail of their wedding reflected that. From the colors, to the trail sign table names to their cake and escort card display. "Lift tickets" were hung from a display board of trial maps. Such a great idea! For many more ideas, check out Martha Stewart Weddings website.