Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Buttonhole", or "Boutonniere" Etiquette

The name boutonniere is french for buttonhole. Traditionally a single flower was pushed through the "button hole" on the lapel of the suit jacket. Flowers were worn quite frequently, not just for special occasions as they mostly are now.
I spend quite a bit of time in my off-season sitting at my computer writing contracts in between frequenting wedding websites and blogs, and every once in a while I see a photo with the boutonnieres pinned to the wrong side of the suit! Gasp! Would you know which side to attach these little buttonholes if you needed to pin them yourself? Did you know there even was a correct side to pin the boutonniere?
There is! It should be pinned on the left side. The same side the buttonhole and pocket are on, also closest to your heart and your wedding ring finger. Who doesn't love a great looking man donning a suit and a boutonniere? Those little clusters of herbs and berries or that single stem of calla lily tied together and finished off with ribbon or twine to match the rest of the bridal party.
Oh, in case you're wondering, corsages for the ladies should also be worn on the left. Happy pinning!