Monday, March 12, 2012

Cascade them?

Trends go through cycles continuously. They are updated each time to fit today's styles. One thing I haven't really seen the return of yet is the cascade bouquet. Years ago, the cascade was the only style bouquet bride's carried. Perhaps it's because weddings are not as formal overall as they used to be? Perhaps it's because most people think of cascades as huge, heavy, hanging bouquets similar to the bouquet Princess Diana carried?
Traditional cascade bouquets are ideal for more formal weddings, however the gorgeous vintage bouquet above, as seen on Ruffled Blog , is ideal for an outdoor country wedding. The jasmine vine and mixed white flowers would compliment any setting or dress. The bouquet shown below, found on Martha Stewart Weddings, is a very simple, informal bouquet also suitable for outdoor weddings.
I love this clean, simple, smaller size cascade bouquet, also found on Martha Stewart Weddings.
This bouquet is a little more formal with the absence of greenery and more compact style.
Will we see more cascades soon? Personally, I hope so!