Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 16, 2012 Wedding

Field side ceremony, garden roses, peonies, birch arch, gorgeous sunshine, blue skies and abounding love. What more could you ask for your wedding day? I began working with this bride months ago. She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted right from the beginning but it took months to fine tune things. We met only once and did the rest of planning mostly via email. The results were just beautiful. The bridal bouquet was made with peach "juliet" and white garden roses, blush and white peonies accented with dusty miller. A locket belonging to the bride's grandmother was attached to the ribbon on the bouquet. Attendants wore gray dresses and carried bouquets made with a combination of peach, blush, pink and white garden roses, peonies, roses, craspedia and dusty miller with stems wrapped in light pewter gray colored ribbon. Boutonnieres were made of craspedia, a peony bud and dusty miller leaves. Ushers were craspedia and babies breath. A birch arch was set in front of a water pump decorated with two small babies breath arrangements. The arch itself had two arrangements of babies breath, peonies and roses flanked by two large babies breath arrangements made in old sap buckets. Small babies breath arrangements were placed along the aisle. This private Cornwall ceremony site was beautiful! The reception was held at The Waybury Inn in Middlebury, VT. These beautiful hand calligraphed escort card envelopes were placed in small birch logs. Table number cards were placed inside the envelopes. Leaf stamps were placed next to a hand-drawn tree. Guests were asked to add a new leaf to tree. A photo board was on display. Small babies breath arrangements from the ceremony site were placed between the candles. Chevari chairs, burlap runners on all the tables, and paper lanterns decorated the tent. Larger tables held 2 arrangements each. One in a birch container and one in clear glass. Smaller tables had a single larger arrangement made in a birch container. Yellow tulips have a sentimental significance to the bride. It was the first flower the groom had given her, and they were used everywhere at her bridal shower. It was the one flower the bride really wanted to have included, if at all possible. Chairs reserved for the bride and groom had swags of mixed greenery and babies breath tied to them. The event coordinator, Becca Newton of Missing Piece Events provided the lanterns lining the sidewalks in the garden and the burlap runners. Jars with candles and sand were used for extra lighting. Congratulations Laura and Pete. It was a pleasure working with you!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Escort Card Displays

Wondering how to display your escort cards? There are so many options! You can narrow things down quite a bit if you first consider a few things. Your wedding style (rustic, modern, vintage, etc.),whether you'll be inside or outdoors (if outdoors I highly recommend having cards secured in some way so they won't blow away), the space available for your display. I absolutely LOVE the display shown below found on Wedding by Color. If you're going to splurge anywhere, and I definitely think you should have one splurge, please splurge here! Having a large focal point such as this makes a wonderful introduction to your reception and will definitely wow your guests!
I have seen escort card trees similar to the one above, with the cards hanging from the ribbons, which is also beautiful! However the practical side of me thinks it would be difficult for guests to try and find their name in all the confusion. I love the cards sitting on the table under the tree, then you still have your beautiful display even after the cards have been taken.
This creative couple have a passion for skiing and every detail of their wedding reflected that. From the colors, to the trail sign table names to their cake and escort card display. "Lift tickets" were hung from a display board of trial maps. Such a great idea! For many more ideas, check out Martha Stewart Weddings website.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Buttonhole", or "Boutonniere" Etiquette

The name boutonniere is french for buttonhole. Traditionally a single flower was pushed through the "button hole" on the lapel of the suit jacket. Flowers were worn quite frequently, not just for special occasions as they mostly are now.
I spend quite a bit of time in my off-season sitting at my computer writing contracts in between frequenting wedding websites and blogs, and every once in a while I see a photo with the boutonnieres pinned to the wrong side of the suit! Gasp! Would you know which side to attach these little buttonholes if you needed to pin them yourself? Did you know there even was a correct side to pin the boutonniere?
There is! It should be pinned on the left side. The same side the buttonhole and pocket are on, also closest to your heart and your wedding ring finger. Who doesn't love a great looking man donning a suit and a boutonniere? Those little clusters of herbs and berries or that single stem of calla lily tied together and finished off with ribbon or twine to match the rest of the bridal party.
Oh, in case you're wondering, corsages for the ladies should also be worn on the left. Happy pinning!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cascade Bouquets...love them?

Trends go through cycles continuously. They are updated each time to fit today's styles. One thing I haven't really seen the return of yet is the cascade bouquet. Years ago, the cascade was the only style bouquet bride's carried. Perhaps it's because weddings are not as formal overall as they used to be? Perhaps it's because most people think of cascades as huge, heavy, hanging bouquets similar to the bouquet Princess Diana carried?
Traditional cascade bouquets are ideal for more formal weddings, however the gorgeous vintage bouquet above, as seen on Ruffled Blog , is ideal for an outdoor country wedding. The jasmine vine and mixed white flowers would compliment any setting or dress. The bouquet shown below, found on Martha Stewart Weddings, is a very simple, informal bouquet also suitable for outdoor weddings.
I love this clean, simple, smaller size cascade bouquet, also found on Martha Stewart Weddings.
This bouquet is a little more formal with the absence of greenery and more compact style.
Will we see more cascades soon? Personally, I hope so!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Craspedia...aka Billy Balls

Billy balls, billy bells, wooly balls, drumstick or craspedia... whichever name you prefer, these fun little round balls of sunshine can't help but bring a smile to your face!
Bouquets made entirely of craspedia! Wow!
This table set up from Elizabeth Designs is one of my favorites! I love the all white, or mostly white background, the dark contrast of the birch branches with the punch of color from the flowers. The craspedia flowers could be changed out for any color or variety. Imagine hot pink orchids...or blue delphinium!
Another craspedia bouquet with a greenery "collar". These also offer a great variety of texture when mixed with other flowers
These make great boutonnieres for those who aren't too keen on wearing flowers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Black & White Photos

I personally love black and white photographs! With the right lighting balance of dark colors against some really light color, they can be timeless and stunning. Shown below are three photos from three different weddings I did all taken by Russ Hurlburt Photograghy

This wedding was the very first one I did when I began my business 5 years. The bride was waiting in her dressing room for the ceremony to begin. The colors in this photos lean a little more towards antique rather than true black and white. I love the lighting!

This one was taken at Mountain Meadows Lodge in Killington, also the first year I was in business.

I really like the way the sunlight is shining on this couple from behind. So pretty!

I recommend you ask for a few black and whites from your photographer!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hair Adornment

Fresh or fake? Brides are always asking me for fresh flowers to adorn their hair on wedding day. Naturally, being in the flower business I'd love to sell you flowers, but more importantly, I want you to look your best on your wedding day!
Most brides have their hair styled hours before the ceremony even begins. There are very few flowers that will hold up without water for hours on end, especially in the heat of summer, without wilting. I say why risk it when there are so many other gorgeous, stylish options for you to choose from? Shown below are just a few different styles available. DIY's can fashion something easily themselves with a hair comb and some imagination!

I love fabric and feather combos such as this Isis Chic Satin pouf bloom from Seraphine.

Headbands such as this from Serenity Crystal are a great option for outdoor weddings.

A crystal hair pin as this one from Treasures570 would make a beautiful hair accent.

This birdcage veil available on Etsy from Powder Blue Bijoux is oh so chic!

For those of you who have your heart set on real flowers, orchids such as these dendrobiums are a great option.

Whatever your style, there is something out there just for you!