Monday, June 6, 2011

Corsages & Boutonnieres, who wears them?

When putting together your list of floral musts, other than your bridal attendants and groomsman, there are some very important people in your life that should not be overlooked! Your parents, grandparents and step-parents have played important roles in your life and should be honored with flowers.

Pin-on corsages of lily of the valley and ivory spray roses.

Corsages are usually worn by mothers, grandmothers and step-mothers. Options include the traditional pin-on corsage, as shown in the top photo, or a corsage worn on the wrist, also known as wristlet, shown in the next photo. As parents and grandparents all wear different colored clothing, it looks more cohesive in photos if all the flowers are the same, such as an ivory color.

Wrist corsages of blue delphinium flowers.

Some people prefer not to wear flowers, for them, other options include a small nosegay bouquet, a single flower that is carried or a small corsage that can be pinned to a purse.
Boutonnieres are pinned on the left side, over the heart, to a lapel, vest or shirt. These can be made with flowers, berries, branches, cones, feathers, or any combination.

Boutonniere made of lily of the valley and a peony bud.

Boutonniere made with bird of paradise and james storie orchids.

Other people you may want to consider honoring include godparents, elderly relatives that have traveled from afar to attend your celebration, readers, or anyone else that has played an important role in your or your fiance's life.

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