Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful Nerine Lilies

I probably say this every week, but here goes again... this was my favorite bouquet so far this year! This bouquet was made of gorgeous hot pink nerine lilies, cherry brandy roses, which have pink outside petals with orange on the inside, pink freesia, asclepia, ageratum and orange spray roses was so bright, cheery and happy looking! Nerine lilies are often overlooked as a wedding flower. My theory is most people are just not familiar with this funky little flower because it can't possibly be the beautiful color or shape! I think a bouquet made entirely of nerine lilies would be stunning and very different.
This September 18th wedding took place at The Summit Lodge in Killington. Anyone who is familiar with the Summit knows they have always had mascot St. Bernard dogs in residence, so it's only natural they would feature one on their sign.
Attendant bouquets were made using most of the same flowers as the bridal bouquet, but smaller.
 Close-up of one attendant bouquets below. The attendants wore sage green dresses so the flower colors really popped!
 Groom boutonniere was made with one orange spray rose, pink freesia and small piece of sedum. All other boutonnieres were made with small orange roses and sedum.
 The gazebo, with beautiful views of Killington peak in the background, was the ceremony site, and as you can see... the weather could not have been more perfect!
 Most of the tables were rectangular so to better fit, the centerpieces were made in the same shape. I used a mix of bright roses, orange, pink and dark red with berries, hydrangea, sedum, kangaroo paw and more. Each centerpiece had a small wooden stick-in with something different on each one. This one happens to have a butterfly. I saw everything from a heart to a bear!
 The sweetheart table had a small round arrangement using the same flowers as the larger tables.
 Another shot of a rectangle centerpiece.
Congratulations Anne-Sophie and Lee!! It was a pleasure.

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