Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Autumn in Summer

This wedding was for a bride who really wanted an autumn wedding, but her career as a teacher only allowed time for a summer wedding. So she chose fall colors for a July wedding! I loved the outcome!
The reception took place at Echo Lake Inn in Tyson, VT. Circus roses are one of her favorite roses so we definitely incorporated those in her bouquet as well as everything else! Other flowers used were black magic roses, orange calla lilies, orange dahlias and orange roses.  
Her attendants each wore a chocolate brown dresses in different styles.
They all carried bouquets made with circus roses (of course), orange dahlias and black magic roses with stems wrapped in brown sating ribbon.
The colors looked great with the dresses!
Her centerpieces were in square glass with natural stones on the bottom and tied brown ribbon. The flowers were a mix of the same flowers as in the bouquets along with some additions in the same color family. 
Birch trees with hanging votives were used on the tent poles. The effect of twinkling candles in the trees after dark is enchanting!
Thunderstorms were predicted off an on all day, but fortunately the rain stopped before the ceremony began and continued to get nicer as the day went on! Best wishes for continued good luck and happiness Beth and Jeff!

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