Saturday, June 5, 2010


 I picked these beauties a couple days ago from my garden and just had to share them! My Mother gave me this plant a few years ago when she decided maintaining a large garden was something she no longer wanted to do. These flowers are about 7"-8" across, just amazing!
I took a trip to Frost Hill Farms, yesterday and purchased three more plants! Yes, my husband thinks I'm obsessed. As they have so many fantastic varieties, it was so hard to decide which one to get so I bought three! Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to plant them! I bought one plant that has green flowers with just a hint of yellow and pink! I'll have to wait till next year to see the flowers on this one. Of the other two, one has a smaller white flower which will be great for bouquets, with the third being a gorgeous coral color.

The flower below is from a tree peony that I have had for several years. It started out as a little tiny twig in a box and has turned into a perfect plant. Love the yellow!

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