Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grafton Inn Wedding

Yesterday I had the pure pleasure of providing flowers and other decorations for an absolutely breathtaking wedding! This was my first (to create arrangements for and to witness) Hindu ceremony. The groom's brother built the mandap and together they erected it on the picturesque lawn next to the  babbling brook and pond at the historic Grafton Inn in Grafton Vermont. 
I covered the top with loads of branches and used green, white and purple orchids along with some greenery and hanging amaranthus to decorate it. 
Rain was predicted but held off for the most part except for a sprinkle here and there which kept the flowers, me, and everyone else very happy!

Orchids were tied to the aisle chairs, petals were scattered and the ceremony site was ready!

Below the groom is waiting to be taken to begin the ceremony.
These fantastic Friesian horses were from Friesians of Majesty of Townsend Vermont.
They were so beautiful and made quite an impact on everyone! I would highly recommend them.

The bride and her attendants getting ready to join the ceremony.                                                                The dress colors were so beautiful.

The bride and groom exchanging orchid garlands.

The horses patiently wait to carry the bride and groom away following the ceremony. I am so enamored with these horses! (As if you couldn't tell)

With the ceremony over, the couple are carried off in this very elegant carriage!

All the best Anita and Ron!! 

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  1. Great Post........
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    Flowers are perfect for the occasion like wedding and these gives a perfect look to the wedding place........