Friday, October 30, 2009

Floating Candle Centerpieces

Centerpieces with flowers submerged in water, topped with floating candles, have been very popular this year! Not only are they are extremely versatile, they are fairly economical as well. Vases of any size or shape can be used. The most common are cylinder vase (which are available in infinite sizes) in groupings of 3 different heights. Square vases are nice for larger flowers or incorporating a combination of flowers.
For a simple centerpiece that makes a statement, use one large vase with a beautiful fern leaf, grasses swirled around the inside or a single large white calla lily with 2 or 3 floating candles. Few flowers are needed, the more simple they are, the more elegant they look. Sometimes less is more!
The possibilities are endless.

The centerpiece in the top photo was for an October wedding at Echo Lake Inn in Tyson Vermont.  A combination of red and orange orchids were used, not only in the vases, but also on the tables. Berries and a small pumpkin added a little extra touch of autumn.
Bridal party flowers were comprised of burnt orange and deep red calla lilies with the bridal bouquet also including some orchids. Very pretty!
More photos of this wedding to follow, so be sure to check back!

These blue and purple orchid centerpieces were for an indoor reception at the Jackson Gore Roundhouse in Ludlow. Small lights placed at the bottom of each vase illuminated the orchids as well as floating candles.